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  • What is Tallbeat - Stilt Drumming Troupe
    Tallbeat is a group of professional stilt-drumming performers who go through extensive year-round training to bring you a spetacular fusion of the arts of afro-brazilian drumming and stilt-walking. Tallbeat, with their drums of thunder will roam any event, carving out a path through thick crowds. The show will be commemorated for years to come!
  • Is Tallbeat and MaracaTALL the same group?
    Yes, MaracaTALL became Tallbeat in the Fall of 2017. A name change was necessary to adapt to a fast changing atmorphere within the group. At the same time to have a broader spectrum of possibilities for cultural representation world-wide.
  • Does Tallbeat have a busking show?
    Even though Tallbeat performs often in Busker Festivals we are a roaming act not a busking show, and do not collect compensation from crowds. We are a hired act entertaining crowds at events, festivals, parades, and corporate events internationally.
  • How many members does this group have?
    Over the years we found that 6 Tallbeat performers is the optimal size for a troupe. However, we would be able to do shows with up to 8 and down to 2 performers to fit you event's needs and budget!
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